The Canadian Scottish Terrier Club Versatility Program

General Requirements

The Certificate of Versatility Novice, Certificate of Versatility and the Certificate of Versatility Excellent are to be given in recognition of the title and awards on the approved point schedule. Points are cumulative within a category, however the points for each title are to be counted only once toward any Versatility Award.

All applications must have the date earned and/or a copy of the title awarded for verification by the Committee. Applications with Public Education or Nursing Home Demos must include a signed affidavit from a verifiable witness. Click here for the application form.

The Three “C” Program Conformation, Courage and Companionship (sponsored by Mark and Mary Smithdorf of Smithart Kennel Perm Reg’d) An award will be given to the Scottish Terrier who earns a Championship, an Earthdog title, and either an Obedience, Rally, Agility or Tracking title.

An application for the following awards may be submitted for any Scottish terrier by the owner or breeder who is a CSTC member in good standing.

Certificate of Versatility Novice Requirements. (VC)

  1. A minimum of 6 pts must be earned
  2. A minimum of 4 points from conformation or obedience
  3. A C.G.N. or C.G.C. title.

Certificate of Versatility Intermediate Requirements (VCI)

  1. Received the VC Award
  2. A minimum of 10 points must be earned
  3. Points must be collected from a minimum of 3 categories
  4. A Maximum of 5 points per category

Certificate of Versatility Excellent Requirements (VCX)

  1. Received the VCI.
  2. A minimum of 15 points must be earned
  3. Received points from a minimum of 4 categories

Lifetime Achievement

  1. Received the VCX
  2. A minimum of 50 points


Best in Show 5 pts
Best in National Show Specialty 5 pts
Award of Merit (National Specialty) 4 pts
Best in Regional Specialty Show 4 pts (must have a minimum of 20 dogs entered)
Award of Merit (Regional Specialty) 3 pts (must have a minimum of 20 dogs entered)
Best in Show Brace 5 pts
CKC championship 4 pts
Group 1st 2 pts
Group 2, 3, 4 1 pt
Foreign Championship 4 pts
(U.K.C. Bermuda, AKC etc)
Stud Dog/Brood Bitch Winner at Specialty 2 pts
Winners Dog/Winners Bitch in Specialty 2 pts

Obedience and Rally


High in Trial 5 pts
O.T.Ch. X 5 pts
M.O.T.Ch 5 pts
G.M.O.T.Ch 5 pts
Utility Dog 5 pts
Companion Dog Excellent 5 pts
Companion Dog Intermediate 4 pts
Companion Dog 4 pts
Pre-Companion Dog 3 pts
High in Class 2 pt
nd, 3rd or 4th in Class 1 pt
High in Class in any unofficial class – 1 pt (includes veterans)


Rally Advanced Excellent 5 pts
Rally Excellent 5 pts
Rally Advanced 4 pts
Rally Novice 3 pts
High in Class 2 pts
2nd, 3rd and 4th in class 1 pt



Master Earthdog 5 pts
Senior Earth dog 4 pts
Junior Earthdog 3 pts
Double Q (Master/Senior Qualifier) 5 pts
AWTA- Certificate of Gameness 3 pts
AWTA- Working Certificate 5 pts
Qualify in Novice Den 2 pts


(each event below is considered a category)


Masters Excellent 5 pts
Excellent 5 pts
Intermediate 4 pts
Novice – 3 pts
High in Class 2 pts
2nd, 3rd, 4th in Class 1 pt


VST or TCH 5 pts
UTDX 4 pts
TDX 4 pts
TD 3 pts
UTD 3 pts


ONYX 5 pts
FDMC 5 pts
FDMX 5 pts
FDM 4 pts
FDCH 4 pts
FDX 3 pts
FD 2 pts

Scent Hurdle

SHDMCH 5 pts
SHDMx 5 pts
SHDM 5 pts
SHDCH 5 pts
SHDX 4 pts
SHD 2 pts


Canine Good Citizen 2 pts
Canine Good Neighbour 2 pts
Therapy Dog International title 2 pts
Certified Therapy Dog 2 pts
Public Education Demo (6 demos) 2 pts
Nursing Home/Therapy Dog (12 visits) 2 pts
Pet Visitation Dog, St. John’s Ambulance 2 pts