Below is a list of CKC Title abbreviations and terms:

AD Schutzhund Endurance Test

AFTCH Amateur Field Trial Champion

BH Schutzhund Temperament Test

CD Companion Dog

CDX Companion Dog Excellent

CG Certificate of Gameness

CH Champion

DD Draft Dog

DDX Draft Dog Excellent

EWC Earth Working Certificate

FCH Field Champion

FCHX Field Champion Excellent

FD Field Dog

FDJ Field Dog Junior

FDX Field Dog Excellent

FH Schutzhund Tracking Test

FTCH Field Trial Champion

IPO I Schutzhund Title

IPO II Schutzhund Title

IPO III Schutzhund Title

JH Junior Hunter

MH Master Hunter

NAFTCH National Amateur Field Trial Champion

NFTCH National Field Trial Champion

OSC Open Stock Dog

OTCH Obedience Trial Champion

SCH III Schutzhund 3

SCH A Schutzhund A

SCH I Schutzhund 1

SCH II Schutzhund 2

SD Sled Dog

SDU Sled Dog Unlimited

SDX Sled Dog Excellent

SH Senior Hunter

SHD Scent Hurdle Dog

SHDCH Scent Hurdle Dog Champion

SHDX Scent Hurdle Dog Excellent

SSC Started Stock Dog

TD Tracking Dog

TDX Tracking Dog Excellent

UD Utility Dog

UDT Utility Dog Tracking

WC Working Certificate

WCI Working Certificate Intermediate

WCX Working Certificate Excellent

WH Schutzhund Title

WRD Water Rescue Dog

WRDX Water Rescue Dog Excellent

WS Working Spaniel

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