The Association shall be known as the Canadian Scottish Terrier Club.

(a) To promote the pure bred Scottish Terrier
(b) To encourage members and breeders to strive towards the qualities of excellence as set out in the Scottish Terrier breed standard as accepted by the Canadian Kennel Club.
(c) To advise and assist those interested in the Scottish Terrier.
(d) To undertake any or all events deemed helpful to the Club in pursuing the objectives in (a), (b), and (c).

1) The dissolution of the society shall require a motion for such undertaking as a “Special Resolution” requiring that twenty-one days written notice be presented to every member of the society.
2) The passing of this special resolution shall require a three-fourth-majority vote.
3) If the vote carries, the Executive Committee shall implement the decision. This will involve the liquidation of the assets of the society, a complete and final audit of the accounts of the society, and provision for the safekeeping of records of the society.
4) All the funds or assets remaining after all debts have been paid shall be transferred to a designated charity chosen by the Executive Committee.

Officers shall consist of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Directors shall consist of; one from each of the following areas;

  • Atlantic Provinces
  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • Prairie Provinces
  • British Columbia

All elected officers and directors must be members in good standing.
All of the above elected officers shall be referred to as the Executive.
The officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or combined secretary/treasurer) and Directors must be residents of Canada and CKC Regular Members in good standing. The names and offices held by these members must be reported to the CKC annually upon renewal of club accreditation together with a copy of any changes to the current constitution and/or bylaws of the club.
All non-resident CSTC members may choose a region of the country to be affiliated with and be represented by that regional director.

(a) Membership
(b) Discipline
(c) Education
(d) Such other committees as, from time to time, may be deemed necessary by the Executive.

The responsibility for the business of the club shall be placed with the Officers and Regional Directors, to give the regions input in the governing of the Club. The President shall chair this board and a majority vote shall be required to make decisions binding. The President shall have the deciding vote in case of a tie. Such voting may be done by mail or telephone through the Secretary and a record kept of the outcome.

(a) PRESIDENT – To assume the duties of the office. Assign and delegate members for committees where necessary, with the approval of the Executive. Preside at the annual meeting of the Club. Shall be ex-officio a member of all committees.

(b) VICE PRESIDENT – In case of permanent absence of the President the Vice President will assume the office of President for the remainder of the term for which the President was elected and will with the assistance of the Executive appoint an interim Vice President to complete the Vice Presidential term of office. To undertake any other duties assigned by the President.

(c) SECRETARY – Shall be responsible for the maintenance of all incoming
and outgoing correspondence regarding the Club activities. All Club correspondence for Committees and the Executive should be copied to the Secretary for record retention purposes. The Secretary shall keep the Executive informed of all correspondence. The Secretary shall maintain and distribute the minutes of all meetings of the Club and keep custody of regalia and Club property.
With each annual renewal, an officially accredited club will state what educational and/or community involvement have been undertaken in the previous year by the club or its members.

(d) TREASURER – Shall be charged with the receipt of all monies due to the Club. These monies shall be deposited to an account in the name of the Club. Shall disburse all monies owed by the Club with full documentation to cover said payments. Maintain accurate records of all receipts and disbursements. All cheques issued in the name of the club shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President or Vice President. The Secretary to have signing authority only for prolonged absences of the President or in the event of the unavailability of the Vice President. The Treasurer shall provide a quarterly Financial Report to the Executive and an audited financial statement at the end of each fiscal year.

(e) DIRECTORS – To act as liaison for the Club. To seek out venues for specialties and boosters within their area. To advise the Executive of any concerns or ideas from members in their areas. To assist the show committees within their area whenever possible. To contribute and have published in the Scamper any news from their areas.


  • Membership – To keep an accurate record of all club members and to publish same yearly with updates on new members, changes of address, etc. published quarterly in the Scamper. To send out to new members a letter of welcome, including a copy of the latest Scamper and the Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Education Committee – Designed to promote the breed standard. This person shall be appointed by the executive and may include, but not be limited to, the education of the members, judges, new members as well as to promote seminars, to create info packets for owners and new fanciers. The CSTC education committee will provide a pamphlet on its breed and shall have such pamphlet available for distribution to interested parties.

A) Shall consist of the approved annual fee to be invoiced annually by October 31, on the premise of one fee entitles one vote.
B) Application for membership shall be made on the official form and the required fee shall accompany the application. The membership year shall be the calendar year and all memberships become renewable on or before December 31. Memberships not renewed on or before January 31 shall be deemed to have lapsed. This will affect continuous membership. Please note renewals received after December 31 will be subject to a surcharge set by current executive by the end of the current year, to cover additional administration costs. Applications from new memberships received and paid after September 1st shall be considered paid up for the next year as well.
C) Honorary Membership; The Executive can, from time to time, appoint Honorary Membership to a person based upon outstanding contributions to the breed. Nominations will be submitted by the regional directors no less than 60 days prior to the AGM. The Executive will receive these nominations in confidence and decisions about Honorary Membership will be made by majority vote of the Executive and be announced at the AGM.
D) Life Membership; The executive will automatically grant Life Membership to those members in good standing for thirty continuous years.
E) Honorary and Life members shall not be required to pay any membership fees and shall be entitled to all of the privileges accorded to members.

ARTICLE 5. FEES; The annual fees shall be reviewed annually by the Executive and voted on by the Executive. Increases must be voted on and approved prior to the October invoicing.

Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Scottish Terrier Club should be held at the time of and the venue of the annual Specialty Show.

All members are entitled to attend. Notification should be sent to each member regarding the meeting or by notice in the preceding Scamper.
Members should submit topics for discussion to the Secretary at least one month before the Annual General Meeting for inclusion in the Agenda.

  • Voting – at all meetings, a majority vote shall prevail
  • Quorum – a quorum for all annual meetings shall be 10 members
  • Minutes – a copy of the minutes of each annual meeting will be printed and published in the next available issue of the Scamper.

Rules and Regulations –
(a) an election of Officers and directors shall be held in August every third year beginning in 1993 and shall be conducted by secret ballot.
(b) an Election Committee to consist of three persons, one of the three to be acting as the Chair, shall be appointed by the Executive no later than February 15, and these names will be published in the March issue of the Scamper in the election year along with a nomination form.
(c) members may submit nominations for any or all offices to the Election Committee by April 30th of the election year.
To further clarify – directorship to be voted on only by members in the area, as to CKC club policy.
Anyone running for a position on the Executive is not to be on the Election Committee.
(d) a slate of names of members running for the Executive will be published in the June issue of the Scamper along with a ballot for voting.
All those nominated and having accepted is encouraged to put a bio in the June Scamper. It is the duty of the election committee to inform the candidates of this.
(e) completed ballots must be returned to the Election Committee by no later than August 1st of the election year.
(f) the Election Committee will tabulate the results. The Election Committee Chair will notify, in writing, by mail, those that were running for office of the results of the election and publish these results in the September issue of the Scamper.
(g) this new Executive will commence their term of office January 1st of that next year.


  • May be published quarterly (March, June, September and December) and mailed to all members.


  • These chapters may be established to aid host-giving areas of our national specialty shows.
  • Host giving areas may hold a float from funds raised locally. These floats must have proper bookkeeping practices in place.
  • Money raised on a national basis will go back to the national CSTC.
  • Money raised locally may stay in the host giving area.

A Discipline Committee shall be appointed by the Executive. This committee shall contain no members of the Executive and be under no Executive direction. Such Committee shall consist of no less than three Club members and no more than five.
The term of office of such Committee shall be the same as that of the Executive appointing it. New members to appointed as required.
Members may be disciplined by the Discipline Committee for any act which is deemed to be detrimental to the well being of the Club, or which is considered to be contrary to the stated objectives, as set forth in Article 2 of the constitution provided that:
(a) written complaint, setting forth details of the alleged offence is sent to the Secretary.
(b) the defendant is advised of the complaint by the Secretary and the defendant is given the opportunity to offer a defence.
(c) the complaint and defence are submitted to the Discipline Committee for consideration and investigation if necessary. The committee will decide what action is to be taken.
(d) the Discipline Committee, may at its discretion, recommend the suspension or termination of a membership, or take any other appropriate action.
(e) the defendant may appeal the decision of the Committee by
submitting a written appeal to the Executive. The decision of the Executive is final.
(f) Any member of the club, who is suspended, debarred, deprived,
expelled or whose membership has been terminated by CKC Discipline Committee shall be suspended from privileges of the Club for like period.

may only be amended as follows;
(a) the proposer of any amendment must advise all members by mail of the proposal.
(b) all proposals must be dated by the proposer.
(c) each member may indicate on the proposal, as received, whether or not, he/she is in favour of the proposed amendment.
(d) any proposal, on which has been indicated “for” or “against” must be mailed to the Secretary within 30 days of the date of the proposal.
(e) a two-thirds majority vote in favour of any proposed amendment is necessary in order that the amendment pass.


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