Adopted June 14th, 2003 Annual General Meeting – Regina, SK
This Code of Ethics is established in accordance with the objectives of the Canadian Scottish Terrier Club. Each member has signed a statement agreeing to adherence to this Code of Ethics.
Blatant disregard for the standards set out in this code will result in expulsion and/or barring from Canadian Scottish Terrier Club membership.

1. Club Involvement
As a member of the CSTC I agree to:

  • Be actively involved in the club.
  • Be familiar with the Canadian Kennel Club official standard.
  • Assist and support Scottish Terrier Rescue.
  • Conduct myself in a manner which reflects credit upon myself and the Club.
  • Not participate in any act or acts, which may bring the name of the Club or any of its members into disrepute.

2. Dog Husbandry
As a member of the Canadian Scottish Terrier Club who owns a Scottish Terrier I agree to:
 Provide proper housing, food and veterinary and other supportive care for my Scottish Terrier.
 Exercise proper control and restraint over my Scottish Terrier at all times and not allow the dog to run at large.

  • Consider the welfare of my dogs and that of the Breed above personal gain or profit.
  • Maintain the best possible standards of sanitation, health and general care for my dogs.
  • Ensure that at all times all dogs under my control are properly fenced or enclosed, properly housed, fed, watered, exercised and receive proper veterinary attention, if and when required.
  • Not allow any dogs under my care to roam at large and when away from home ensure that they are kept leashed, or under effective control, at all times.

3. Breed Information
I will:

  • Provide accurate information about the breed.
  • Educate interested persons on the standard of the Scottish Terrier, and will help the novice whenever and wherever I can with grooming, training, breeding, and general care.

4. Sportsmanship
The term “sportsmanship” might be strictly defined as the art of playing fair; accepting defeat without complaint and victory without boastfulness. However, the following additional concepts of sportsmanship, when practiced, can enhance the pleasures of participation and the respect afforded the fancy,
I will:

  • Attempt to always exhibit good sportsmanship and conduct myself in a manner representative of the principles upon which this club is founded. I will not speak unjustly of others in the Breed, nor of their dogs, nor their kennel.
  • Conduct myself at all times in such a manner as to reflect positively on the sport of breeding and showing purebred dogs.

5. Breeding
As a member of the CSTC who breeds one or more litters I agree to:

  • Breed only for the purpose of improving the quality of the breed in line with the breed standard and not for the retail pet market or any other commercial purpose.
  • Not permit any of my pure bred dogs to be mated to a dog of a different breed, to a cross-bred or to an unregistered dog of the same breed.

A. Breed Standard

  • I will breed for improvement of the breed as exemplified by the CKC standard of the Breed.

B. Health and Genetics
I will:

  • Breed only mature, healthy, quality Scottish Terriers to produce healthy, quality puppies.
  • Provide appropriate care to puppies to promote physical and emotional development.
  • Conduct careful analysis of the health and temperament of the sire and dam, including all possible research into their backgrounds.
  • Conduct careful study of canine anatomy, the breed standard, the breed’s history and function and the basic principles of genetics.
  • Discuss openly and honestly the genetic and physical problems that have occurred in the lines.

C. Bitches and Dams
In my kennel:

  • Bitches shall be bred to only one male at each heat.
  • Bitches should not be bred at their first season, preferably not before 18 months of age. Ideally, bitches should also be bred no more than once per year, and certainly, never more than twice in succession.

D. Registration
I will:

  • Keep precise breeding records and make sure that registration applications are sent to the CKC as soon as possible.
  • Comply with the CKC rules concerning record keeping, registration, identification, sale and transfer of dogs.

E. Stud Dogs
I will:

  • Refuse stud service to any bitch that is unregistered or any bitch I consider in poor health, of unsound temperament, or of having serious hereditary faults. Nor shall I use a dog at stud that I consider to have these failings.
  • My stud dogs will be bred selectively. As a stud owner I would discourage the individual who wants to breed the pet quality bitch or one unsuitable for the stud in question, and explain why this is necessary.
  • Provide stud service only to quality, healthy bitches with the agreement that the resulting puppies sold as companion animals will be sold with limited CKC registration or a spay/neuter agreements.
  • As a stud owner I will ascertain that the owner of the bitch has the required knowledge and the necessary facilities to care for the puppies for however long it may take to properly place them.

F. Sales
I will:

  • Not sell Scottish Terriers to a pet store, chain or commercial kennel
  • Not sell or donate dogs or puppies to commercial dog wholesalers or retailers, charity auctions, or unethical breeders, nor will I sell to buyers where I have reason to believe that the puppy or dog will not be properly cared for. Further, I will not sell to anyone in litter lots for resale
  • Puppies graded as “pets” are sold on spay/neuter contracts with a CKC “Non-Breeding Registration and/or a spay/neuter agreement.
  • Provide written information to the new owner of the puppy including instructions on care and feeding, medical records and conditions of sale.
  • Assume ongoing lifetime responsibility for the dogs produced.
  • In cases where a dog’s or puppy’s health or conformation are known to be such as to indicate that breeding of the animal would be detrimental to the welfare of the Breed, I will retain breeder’s rights, or sell only under the condition that the dog be spayed or neutered, by mutual agreement in writing.
  • Any puppy that I shall sell or otherwise transfer from my care must be a minimum of eight (8) weeks of age.
  • Ensure that all persons acquiring dogs from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal.
  • Not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise in any media nor mislead any person regarding the performance of any dog. I shall also provide to all purchasers of dogs sold or placed by me, written details of all dietary and immunization requirements and/or an appropriate publication relating to such requirements and responsible dog ownership.
  • Fairly represent to the purchasers any stock offered for sale, and will not use misleading or untruthful statements in selling or advertising.
  • Urge all buyers to have a puppy or adult dog sold by me examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hrs of receipt. Said examination to be paid for by purchaser or as previously agreed. A period of 48 hrs is granted to return any animal so sold for reasons of health, or in the case of the purchaser not having been able to see the animal prior to shipping, for any valid reason upon visual examination.
  • Strive to be accurate and honest to the best of their ability in appraising the quality of Scottish Terriers being offered for sale or placement with reference to the standard of the breed.
  • When selling or placing a dog I will provide the new owner with a signed receipt, copies of all contracts and agreements, complete health records, proof of registration or eligibility for registration and when requested, an accurate pedigree.

All agreements and stipulations should be recorded either in sales contracts or by a simple written exchange of mutual expectations. (The CSTC cannot adjudicate sales contracts or agreements.)
The use of sales contracts is recommended to cover any guarantees and agreements relative to the sale, with signed copies to each party involved.

Breeding arrangements are often confusing; they are best written and agreed upon by both seller and buyer. Such arrangements “in addition to” a selling price are usually made on an animal of such superior quality that it is necessary for the breeder/seller to maintain said animal as part of a well-planned ongoing breeding program.

6. Dog Shows

  • I will undertake the responsibility to learn and abide by the dog show rules of the governing body of the sport. The CSTC does not enforce dog show rules, but disciplinary action by a governing body may result in supplementary discipline by the Club
  • My Scottish Terriers shall be entered and exhibited in accordance with the CKC rules.
  • Dogs presented in the show ring will be clean and properly groomed according to the breed standard.
  • Be responsible for the appearance and conduct of my dog at all times. Conduct myself in a sportsman like manner in and out of the ring.

7. Complaints & Discipline
The Board of Directors will appoint a three member Complaint/Discipline Committee, the Vice-President will act as alternate in the event that any member of the committee is unable to “hear” a particular complaint (i.e. conflict of interest, illness etc…). Complaints must be in writing and can be forwarded to any member of the Executive or Directors. All persons charged will be notified within two weeks and have the right to appear before the committee. The individual receiving the complaint will forward same to the committee within two weeks. The committee will then review/investigate the allegations and provide their report in writing to the board within three months of receipt of the charges. Disciplinary actions are at the discretion of the compliant/discipline committee and include a warning, suspension or expulsion. Substantiated repeat complaints against the same individual(s) will not be tolerated. A fee of $25 shall accompany all charges. If the charges are upheld, the fee will be refunded.

8. Summary:
The Canadian Scottish Terrier Club encourages and promotes the responsible breeding and ownership of Scottish Terriers and to protect and advance the interests of these dogs. The Canadian Scottish Terrier Club condemns the following practices as unethical:

  1. The indiscriminate breeding of stock without due regard for the consideration of hereditary defects, good health and physical condition of stock to be bred, and the quality of puppies produced by such breeding.
  2. The wholesaling of litters of puppies, the selling of dogs through pet shops and other commercial sources of distribution, either outright through brokers or on consignment, and the providing of puppies or dogs for use in raffles, auctions or similar enterprises, or for laboratory experimentation.
  3. The misrepresentation or failure to disclose known hereditary defects, health and physical condition of any stock offered for sale or breeding purposes.
  4. Stud dogs or brood bitches who produce offspring of consistently poor quality or with genetic problems known to be inherited in the breed are therefore of no value as breeding stock and should not be used again, except in breedings directed towards test mating or health research.
  5. The knowing violation of Canadian Kennel Club rules regarding record keeping, registration, sale and transfer of dogs, or the rules and procedures regarding the exhibition of dogs.

This Code of Recommended Practices (Code of Ethics) was adopted, by the membership at the Annual General meeting, on June 14, 2003

By signing this Code of Ethics, I acknowledge that I understand and agree with the purpose of the Canadian Scottish Terrier Club, that I will do my best to promote the best interests of the club and the breed and that I will not engage in any practice that is unethical or prejudicial to the interests of the CSTC or Scottish Terrier breed.

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